Current Projects

Awesome Shop Project Photo Project on Github Pages!

Awesome Shop

An example eCommerce site build with bootstrap and Angular. Click here to see project the project's repo.

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Turn Order 5e Temp Photo Project Under Construction on Github!

Turn Order 5e

A turn order keeper for DMs of 5e. Project is designed to help me get more aquianted with react and redux. UNDERCONSTRUCTION

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Webpack Project Photo Starter Kit on Github!

Webpack Starter Kit

Needed an easy starting place for projects to use Webpack. This setup includes loaders for babel es2016 and react.

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Past Projects

Love'em & Leave'em Petsitters Photo Local Austin Business Site!

Love'em & Leave'em

Responsive static site for a local Austin Petsitter. Got owner setup on hosting and an external form submission service for handeling applications.

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StThomas Realty Site Photo Local Austin Business Site!

StThomas Realty

Responsive static site with PHP for form verification and sending. Setup business owner with domain, and hosting.

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Scroll to Top Nav Project Photo Project on Codepen!

Scroll to Fixed Toolbar

This is a simple page with hero. As the user scrolls down the page, the menu fixes to the top of the screen. Uses Jquery to toggle bootstrap classes.

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Toggle Pricing Table Photo Project on Codepen!

Toggle Pricing Table

Needed a toggleable pricing table based off of two options. Threw together a demo before building it out.

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